On This Day, Daya Knight Was Waiting For A Shower Surprise

On This Day, Daya Knight Was Waiting For A Shower Surprise
07:56 Mar 18, 2020
Daya was completely naked and in the shower in the process of getting ready for a big meeting she had that day. When she turned the knob the shower wasn't working at all. She called her friend Brad who she knew would be able to help her. She threw on a pair of shorts and a white tee so she wouldn't be wearing only her birthday suit. Brad started tinkering with the valves and asked her to make sure the knob was completely turned off and as she was doing just that she was sprayed by the sudden burst of water from the shower head. Brad laughed and couldn't help but noticed her gorgeous, ebony tits were clearly visible through the wet tee. They both had a good laugh until Daya decided to bury Brad's face into her breasts and smother him as payback. Brad couldn't care less about his face getting all wet as long as he got to feel those soft boobs up against his cheek. He made his move and Daya figured now that the shower was fixed she could get in a good fuck and then clean up just in time for her important meeting. 

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