Ass Can't Seem To Fit In Ivory Logan's Jeans In Tight And Tempting

Ass Can't Seem To Fit In Ivory Logan's Jeans In Tight And Tempting
08:00 Mar 9, 2020

As her boy Charles browses through his social media, Ivory can't help but notice a lot of skinny ladies posing for selfies, showing off fancy outfits, tanning on the beach, and all the other aspects of the socialite/influencer life. She browses through her old photos before she plays with her round ass, squeezes her bountiful tits, and traces her hip cleavage – she's not as flat and rail thin as the other girls… She doesn't have abs of steel or huge triceps… She's just… Ivory! She's got a tight body with plump tits and a round ass. That's Ivory! Maybe Charles doesn't like that anymore? Is he looking for that stereotypical tiny blonde chick? Does he no longer appreciate her curves? In an attempt to maximize her looks, Ivory heads off to try and see what other outfits she could put on to possibly compete with the smorgasbord of women on the internet. But her plump ass just can't seem to fit in her super skinny jeans. Even as Charles comes in to help, she can't help but feel a bit shy. This story does have a happy ending, though, as her bouncing behind and perky tits entice Charles into taking her right then and there - and what better way to show your devotion than some great old-fashioned reassurance… Before banging your girlfriend senseless?

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