Babes - Mia Evans Had Sweet Sex Goodbye

Babes - Mia Evans Had Sweet Sex Goodbye
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Goodbyes are always difficult, especially when you don't want to go. There's no more to be said between Mia and Charlie, but Mia doesn't want to leave without one last fuck for Charlie to remember her by. The slim brunette looks deeply into her man's eyes before she takes him by surprise and wordlessly unfastens his pants. Charlie undresses Mia without breaking the silence, pulling her close for a passionate embrace before his lover lowers her pussy onto his cock for a slow and sensual cowgirl ride. The couple take their time as they build to a hypnotic rhythm, caressing every curve and plane of each other's bodies, wanting to remember every detail of this last time together. But nothing good can last forever, and their passion builds to its final crescendo as Charlie cums deep in Mia's pussy. Parting is such sweet sorrow!

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