She Likes To Do Yoga In Vienna Rose's Tush

She Likes To Do Yoga In Vienna Rose's Tush
08:00 May 9, 2020

Say hello to Vienna Rose, our 18-year-old from Oklahoma! As you can probably already tell, this long-limbed beauty has her own quirky personality. She likes to do yoga, run track, and play on the piano when she can find time. The majority, however, is spent fucking and masturbating. Vienna admits to stroking her wet pink pussy multiple times a day - in the morning, at night, at school, even at work on the lifeguard stand (which we don't recommend!). Her fantasies include being fucked in public places, multiple partners, and getting covered in sperm -- but she has trouble asking partners to fulfill her desires. Thankfully she's made the wise choice to transition into the industry, where we think she'll fit right in getting all the dick and pussy she craves! Just wait until you hear her start dirty talking…

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