Lena Paul Spent All Late Night At The Library

Lena Paul Spent All Late Night At The Library
08:00 Apr 10, 2020

Lena is putting in the hours, studying late at night at the library. All that hard work has gotten her exhausted, so who can blame her for nodding off for a little bit? When she wakes to Isiah’s flashlight on a late night patrol she freaks out. The last thing she wants is to get in trouble with the university – Isiah reassures her it’s a simple mistake. Lena can’t help but get a small late night craving when she starts dreaming about what he’s packing. It doesn’t take long before she’s slobbering all over Isiah’s night stick. Nothing wrong with a small reward after a late night studying, and Isiah has no problem going off duty to give her a private cram session!

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